Making Sense of Graphic Design.
Making Sense of Graphic Design.

Okay so this one was a little bit trickier. Steven wanted me to:

Create a “tour guide” for different historical styles featuring historical and contemporary applications

So I was very confused… Tour guide? Are we going sight seeing?

The steps were as followed:

  1. “Select three distinct Graphic styles.
  2. Collect twenty examples of each style in graphic design, type furniture, fashion and architecture.
  3. Write a brief interpretative history of the styles showing how they have influenced contemporary design. Long captions are acceptable. A timeline would be useful for the reader.
  4. Design each guide in the style being featured.
  5. Publish.”

So i had some problems with this because I didn’t really understand what Steven wanted me to do. And secondly because I truly didn’t feel like writing so I took the idea of a tour guide, and  three distinct graphic styles, interpretative history  and did what I could.

Graphic Design has evolved with us! Together. So I did just that I guess.

Futurism is like when we are a baby or children. WE MOVE, WE ARE ACTIVE, WE DISCOVER, WE ACCELERATE, WE LEARN. All is so fast.

Being a teenager is hard, you are feeling all these things and you have no idea what is going on. Which is how I imagine the expressionists felt like ALL THE TIME.

And then you grow. And everything becomes clearer, you realise who your are and you start caring less about what everyone else thinks. I I think the conceptualists and post-modernist felt this way.


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