Paris: It’s Not Personal

I have mixed feelings a bout the city I’m living in.
Yes, on the one hand I am in Paris and I should be actively enjoying all the beauty it has to offer. And I am definitely doing so.  But on the other hand Canada has spoiled me. Im used to the politeness, the willingness to help, the “sorry”, the “thank you”, the kindness!

Parisians can be incredibly rude, it’s a every man by itself scenario, specially if like myself your french comes out with a spanish accent (Excuse moi for rolling my rrrr).

In the metro or in school I get pushed, at Sciences Po people butt in line for no apparent reason, people answer in a condescending way every time I ask from something, and nobody knows the term “merci”!

Okay okay, I might be exaggerating, but after living in Canada for 4 years, in a community where the one who doesn’t help, who doesn’t respect, and who is not polite  gets shady looks and told off, I get like this.

For all of you coming into the city, my only advice, Don’t take it personal! Parisians have their own way of being polite, like with that jug of water that is brought to you every time you sit down at a restaurant (even without asking), like by having a personal relationship with you Carrefour employee, and by offering you a smoke even though you hate the damn thing.

It is every man by itself indeed, but at times they man becomes a collective individual and you have to enjoy those little Parisian moments.


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