How dare you France?

There is a deffinate beauty in going to the movies.

The feeling you get as you walk into the lobby and your lungs fill with the smell of freshly popped popcorn. The tone of excitement in the voices of crowds as they buy their tickets. Soda poured into an over iced cup and the comfort of that reclinable chair that can accommodate the vasts amounts of food you have decided to overpay for. The trailers that continue to demand your assistance to the movies ever week.

Or at least that is what I thought until I went to my first movie in France!

How dare you France have 10 minute waiting lines to purchase a ticket? How dare you France not have holes in the armchair where i could comfortably put my soda into?

How dare you France have chairs that are for 2 people! Where you get personal with your neighbour because you decided to design chairs that look more like sofas. JESUS France! To have a powerful cinema industry your cinema salles sure suck!

Nevertheless, it was Star Wars… Where I witnessed the beauty of what has to be the most handsome villain of all time Kylo Ren. Where I had to constantly lean forward because my back kept cramping up and my neighbour sure thought I acted like an overexcited 7 year old.

How dare you France? Who are your designers in the cinematic industry? To whom may I speak to about this blasphemy?


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