Based on race?

There is nothing more discouraging than to see “….we do not discriminate based on race…” on a job application. If you are part of a minority, or worse somebody who culturally and socially speaking belongs to that minority but physically does not show it, you are left to wonder how much of the decission to hire you is influenced by that question.
If you decide not to answer it automatically sparks more intruding questions: What are you hiding? Why did you not wanna say? And then if you answer you are faced withh the automatic stereotypes that come along the race you have just checked. The moment that i check the little hispanic box which technically speaking is not a race but refers to an ethnicity and the ability to speak Spanish (white people from Spain are hispanic) people imagine the illegal immigrant crossing the border.
Being hispanic is not a matter of race, it is simply the denomination of a cultural background that has had a heavy  mixed racial history, categorising Latinos and limiting them to choose is wrong.
Either one, deciding not to answer or answering will give you away, it will affect their decision. A decision that should not be based on race, but it should be based on how capable am I for the position in question. Am I the most capable one? YES I AM!

And don’t even get me started with the ideas that come to my mind when I have to check the Colombian box for nationality. Yes, I understand you have seen Narcos, no, Colombia is not like that, please don’t idolise the man and come talk to me or any other Colombian.


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