And so my absence has become apparent after months of unwritten material. To quickly fast forward, the leave of absence or the six months sabbatical can be blamed on Paris. I have been back from the city of lights for a two months and a half now and I constantly feel the absence of the city somewhere luring behind me dressed as an immaculate frenchmen, holding a picnic basqcket with baguette, wine and an assortment of cheese; asking me “On y va a la Siene?”. Paris went as a blur. The first two months were spent complaining about the lack of … Continue reading Paris

Paris: It’s Not Personal

I have mixed feelings a bout the city I’m living in. Yes, on the one hand I am in Paris and I should be actively enjoying all the beauty it has to offer. And I am definitely doing so.  But on the other hand Canada has spoiled me. Im used to the politeness, the willingness to help, the “sorry”, the “thank you”, the kindness! Parisians can be incredibly rude, it’s a every man by itself scenario, specially if like myself your french comes out with a spanish accent (Excuse moi for rolling my rrrr). In the metro or in school … Continue reading Paris: It’s Not Personal